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Wood Fuel



All timber on Barwhillanty Estate is FSC certified and is therefore managed in an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable fashion. We fell approximately 15000 tons of timber per annum for processing into building material etc. at local saw mills. We are also a local woodfuel provider and are ambassadors for its use as a renewable and economic alternative to fossil fuels.



forr5Trees take time to grow, especially hardwoods. With all our Wood Fuel coming from estate timber we need to ensure we are environmentally sustainable and that our customers have a guaranteed supply throughout the year. To achieve this we ask that all our customers become “Barwhillanty WoodFuel Members”. Once signed up as a member you can also buy and place orders at any time of day on our website. Click on the link above to become a member.



We sell hardwood and softwood. Softwood is often avoided as firewood but if the right species is selected and dried properly it can also be a great fuel source. Less heat is generated per kilo compared to hardwoods but this is why it costs less. Softwood should not be used in open fires as it is prone to spit. It is suitable for wood stoves or biomass boilers.

We don’t currently sell kiln dried logs or kindling but should you be interested please get in touch.



Quality Assured: Timber will not leave our storage facility unless it is below 30% moisture content i.e. suitable for burning. We advise storing wood in your house for a few days prior to burning to reduce this moisture content further to achieve a better heating efficiency.



Firewood Logs – Big Bag

(90 x 106 x 100 = 0.954m3) – Hardwood (circa 200kg) / Softwood (185kg)

Given the weight of these bags we can only deliver within 4m of the roadside (the reach of our crane).

Hardwood £80.95 + VAT (5%) = £85
Softwood £66.67 + VAT (5%) = £70

Reuse bag = £5 off next delivery 



Firewood Logs – Small Bag

(0.5m x 0.5m x 0.9m = 0.225m3) – Hardwoods / Softwoods

The small bags fit on a sack trolley which is great where access is limited or your store is some distance from your delivery point. We will deliver these bags to a location of your choice.

Hardwood £33.33 + VAT (5%) = £35
Softwood £28.57 + VAT (5%) = £30

Reuse bag = £5 off next delivery




We are experienced using wood chip as a fuel heating a number of properties on the estate. Should you be interested in bulk softwood chip orders / supply agreements / or advice please contact us direct.




Delivery is free but we currently only deliver to the following areas:

SW SCOTLAND: Crossmichael, Parton, Corsock, Castle Douglas, Springholm and Kirkpatrick Durham.

In order to reduce our carbon footprint and keep our prices down lead time on delivery is 2 weeks. Additionally we also aim to tie your delivery in with other “Barwhillanty WoodFuel Members” in your areas. Please help us to help you and the environment by trying to place orders at the same time as other members in your area. Should you be interested in bulk deliveries outside our area please get in touch as we maybe able to sort something.



Membership & Ordering

As mentioned orders can only be made by “Barwhillanty WoodFuel Members”. To become a member click the link on our website: Wood Fuel Members or contact the estate office on 01644470209.

Once signed up as a member orders can be made online or over the phone. Payments can be made either online via the website or as cash on delivery.

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