barwhillanty estate
barwhillanty estate
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Barwhillanty is a 5000 acre family estate in the beautiful Galloway hills of Kirkcudbrightshire, South West Scotland. The Estate has been run passionately for wildlife and sporting purposes for over 100 years. As custodians of the countryside we have a long term responsibility for our natural environment, the species within it, and the livelihoods of those associated with it, both directly and indirectly. We aspire to be conservationists as much as we aspire to be sportsmen.

On the ground, otters are common along with red squirrels and the occasional pine marten. With roughly 60% of the estate as forestry, both hardwood and softwood, Barwhillanty is a paradise for roe deer and the occasional red deer. In the air, as a re-introductory area, red kites are numerous as too are buzzards. Not so common, but present, are goshawks, merlin, and occasionally blackcock. Woodcock are present in good numbers in the winter. With over 20 lochs we also have many species of wildfowl: geese, mallard, teal, widgeon along with brown trout, great crested newts, and natterjack toads.

The multifaceted estate’s approach to silviculture / land management and the local topography enables us to offer challenging roe stalking and game shooting (pheasant and partridge) for the discerning sportsman. Wild fowling and fishing opportunities are equally as good. Further detail on each of these activities can be found by clicking on the links below.


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