Venison – Red Deer

Red Deer (Fresh or Frozen)

  • Haunch 
  • Striploin 
  • 1 x 500g diced 
  • 1x 500g minced 
  • 1 x fillet

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Farmed venison is a superior meat to many in its high protein and nutrient values. From field to fork, originating from our herd of around 100 red deer, managed by Paul, our calm farm manager, this wholesome and healthy meat is of the highest quality.

We supply our farmed venison through First Venison to top end supermarkets, such as Waitrose and Marks and Spencer, who value our standards and traceability. You can also buy it through us direct.  All packaged or vacuum packed with an option of either fresh or frozen. Always seasoned and well hung for unmatched flavour.