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Experience the freedom of flying with aerial yoga to the flowing floor movement with yin yang yoga, in our regular classes or at The Retreat.

Aerial Yoga Class

Aerial yoga is an exhilarating practice, promising to deliver on strength training, flexibility improvement as well as being a fun way to feel good.

The aerial hammock is a delightful prop that supports you to stretch deeply and allows you to access movement in flight.

Yin Yang Yoga Class

Yin yang flow sequences offer comprehensive movement, benefitting both body and mind.

Yin poses focus on our joints and connective tissues (the “yin” tissues). When our muscles are in a relaxed state, the energy transfers to our supporting structures, such as ligaments and tendons. By ‘stressing’ these tissues, we gently loosen them, allowing mobility and accessing full range of motion. This helps to counteract tightness and compression, maintaining joint health, including spinal health.

Yang movements are dynamic movements that focus on our muscles (the “yang” tissues). Exercising our muscles helps to maintain and build strength. Weight-bearing movements help maintain bone density and muscle mass as we age, especially important for peri/post-menopausal women.

The Retreat

“Where wholesome living meets yoga and wellbeing. Indulging in the restorative power of nature, we aspire to leave you feeling both relaxed and recharged.”



Mindfulness meets movement. Opportunities to find mental calm and clarity. Yoga practices that strengthen our muscles and help to retain muscle mass as we grow older. Working on our body’s flexibility and mobility, improving posture as well as gut health, immune health and even impacting oral health.

Experiencing a space to disconnect from the chaos of life, reconnect to our bodies and be present.

Maria teaches yin yang yoga and aerial yoga sessions and welcomes all who are new to her practice.


Indulge healthily, deliciously. All our food is home made, promising to be hearty and wholesome, delicious and nutritious.

We eat sustainably, including plenty of our own and local produce. We nourish mindfully, enjoying the simple pleasure of fresh food.


Wellbeing is a way of life. With overall health at the heart of her mission, Maria Yerburgh (@thelifestyledentist) brings her knowledge as a dental surgeon and nutritional therapist to the table.

With an informal approach to an informative theme, Maria speaks of how to empower ourselves with dietary and lifestyle habits that can bring positive, preventative health change.


Connect with nature. Be it walking in the wild, swimming in a Scottish loch or foraging for some of nature’s hidden treats, we create opportunities for peaceful fulfilment, to experience some of the magic of Barwhillanty Estate.

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